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FeetHere connects merchants who are looking for foot traffic with mobile app developers who have lots of feet to traffic. Using the FeetHere platform merchants, retailers, restaurants, destinations…basically if you have a place of business that needs foot traffic you can buy feet here. App developers of all types can get paid for motivating their users to go to locations paying for foot traffic. We come at the problem from all sides of. Some of us grew up in retail and knew that feet in the door lead to more conversions than some silly banner ad. Being game developers we knew all too well that the best money was only possible from 5% of our users that bought in app items so we really wanted to get at that other 95%. As users we were sick and tired of being annoyed by the ads a pop ups. We wanted value for every party involved so we created FeetHere. Store owners get feet in their doors and only pay when they arrive, developers can earn money on the other 95% and as users we are offered real opportunities to go places we want to go in our highly mobile existences. FeetHere the 3 in 1 solution!