First Class Showcase: Evacua

It has almost been 3 months since our first class graduated. Over the 10 week program, we watched as each idea became a viable product. The entrepreneurs learned so much and were able to grow. It was amazing to see how far they had come from day one.

In the time after Demo Day, each one of the companies have continued with their plan to shake up the way we travel. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll get you caught up on our seven companies. We’ll give you the inside scoop, explain what each company does, and if there is some way you can help them.

Our first company we are showcasing is Evacua.

Evacua pools together the necessary resources to help make evacuations more accessible and affordable through their network of travelers, companies, and transportation providers. They also provide access to security intelligence on their travel destinations. Evacua works to provide private evacuation options during emergencies.

Evacua targets two different groups of people. One group they focus on is aircraft providers. Many times aircraft providers have empty seats on their planes. Evacua helps save them money by tracking their tail numbers and informing the carriers when there is a customer in need of a seat.

The other group Evacua targets is travelers- both leisure and business travelers. Corporate risk and travel managers are included in this group. Evacua helps make sure companies are fulfilling their duty of care needs. They help do this by extending companies access to private flight inventory. This allows the company the ability to get their employee home or out of the situation even if commercial flights are booked.

During their time at RunUp Labs, Evacua was able to start working on the prototype for their mobile app. They also were able to secure partnerships with some major players in the travel sector, like iJET.

General Manager, Mike Beckwith stated how helpful being a participant in RunUp Labs was for Evacua. He said, “RunUp Labs created a great environment to push the limits on how quickly you can grow your company. Being among 6 other companies who are grinding on their companies and being able to meet several industry professional who provided insight, accelerated the process greatly.”

Beckwith is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Evacua. He and partner Charles Brossman continue to make strides finding partners and investors to continue the growth of Evacua. Beckwith has been working with developers associated with RunUp Labs and SproutBox, along with keeping in touch with valuable mentors like Mat Orrego from Cornerstone.

If you fall into one of the groups Evacua targets, make sure to sign up on their website. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Evacua hopes to complete the prototype and get it in the hands of testers in the coming months.