First Class Showcase: Peoplocity

The next showcased RunUp Labs graduate is:

Have you ever been to a restaurant and the service was terrible? Or how many times has your flight been delayed, the airline lost your luggage, or your whole experience with the airline was just terrible? Where do you turn when you encounter these issues? Most times people turn to social media to bash these companies. The issue with complaining on social media is most times your complaint never reaches the correct contact so nothing ever gets resolved. Peoplocity offers a solution for this problem.

Peoplocity allows customers to connect directly with empowered managers before they trash brands on social media. This means customers receive the attention in a timely manner and issues will be resolved as fast as possible. Peoplocity helps both the customer and the business. A notification is sent to the person in charge so they can make sure the customer is put first. Peoplocity helps customer service in real-time. Peoplocity makes sure the customer is heard, who wouldn’t want that?

After graduating from RunUp Labs, Peoplocity and their developers have continued working with SproutBox to complete the first version of their app. Peoplocity plans to focus on local companies in Indianapolis to help build their brand and users. Interested in helping Peoplocity out? Sign up to become a beta tester!

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