International SOS Helps Kick Off First Session

On June 16th we kicked off our first session with WorldWinger. Tim Daniel from International SOS helped kick off the first RunUp Labs session. This is Tim’s second year with the program as a mentor. The knowledge and expertise Tim brings to the program is very valuable. Along with his experience, Tim represents International SOS, which is also a sponsor of RunUp Labs.

Female_Doctor_Patient_and_MotherInternational SOS provides integrated medical, clinical, and security services to organizations with international operations. They have nine regional centers: Beijing, Dubai, Jakarta, London, Paris, Philadelphia, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Today, the company has over 11,000 employees which work in over 76 countries that help member organizations manage health and security risks their travelers may encounter.Tianjin_Medevac_(24)

International SOS works hard to provide local knowledge and expertise on a global scale to all their members. Employees of International SOS include medical professionals such as, doctors, dentists, nurses, medics, pharmacists, aeromedical specialists and occupational health professionals. They help businesses operate globally and protect their employees and meet their Duty of Care responsibilities.

In 2001, under Tim’s leadership, International SOS introduced the first web based system for tracking travelers. Today nearly 900 companies, universities and NGOs use the system and in 2013 it handled more than 35 million itineraries.Peter_Cooper_in_AC_looking_at_TravelTracker_6

RunUp Labs is honored to be able to work with International SOS. The knowledge, experience, and expertise in the travel industry their sponsorship brings to RunUp Labs is so valuable.


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