My Trip Was

My Trip Was is a content management platform built just for tour operators. It helps you gather content from your guests and then gives you the power to push that content back into your marketing channels. My Trip Was provides a set of simple tools that enables you to capture, analyze, and market your guests’ feedback about your services. At the core of My Trip Was are the Guest Card and Real Time Testimonial. These tools allow you to capture reviews, ratings, testimonials, tagged media, and postings from your current guests about your services and trip experiences. My Trip Was allows you to simply, easily, and efficiently utilize the power of social media to put your business out in front of your guests’ social networks, and publicize your guests’ feedback and media. This instantly provides “word of mouth” marketing power that exponentially exposes your business to potential clients, and also allows them to experience your tours through the media, posts, testimonials, and ratings of your current clientele.