PathWrangler’s New Partnership Helps Tour Operators

A new partnership between travel startup PathWrangler and Indianapolis based tech startup Formstack is a game changer for Tour Operators. RunUp Labs Mentor, Doug Heinz is the CEO and Co-Founder of PathWrangler. PathWrangler is a platform for creating, planning, managing and sharing stories about you trips. Their clients consists of tour operators, guides, educational institutions, schools, clubs, and volunteer organizations. PathWrangler is used for both leisure and business travel purposes. The partnership makes the collaboration easier and is a win for the travel industry.

Business operations for PathWrangler clients just got a whole lot easier because of this partnership. A lot of entities, both big and small, face issues like collecting payments and personal information, getting waivers signed, and requesting feedback and trip reviews daily. Now with the partnership between PathWrangler and Formstack these issues are solved. You no longer have to deal with downloading attachments to print them, fill them out, and then scan them, which we all know is a pain in the butt. Formstack will automate that collection process. If your company is using other tools like CRMs, accounting systems and payment process, Formstack can also plug right into them saving you time.

Wondering how you can get this setup? All you need is to: sign up for a PathWrangler Premium Entity Account- this will be your business’s dashboard (anyone who manages your company can build trips, interact with clients, create libraries of past trips and collect referrals). On the Entity page you’ll find a tab for your Forms. Here you’ll be able to signup for a Formstack account if you don’t have one. Once you have successfully created a Formstack account, login and begin to build and manage all of your forms. Once you link PathWrangler to Formstack all forms you develop for your business will be in one place for your clients.

This great new partnership provides PathWrangler customers with an entirely cloud-based solution when they’re organizing group trips and guided tours. This makes all of their data more accessible, which is always helpful in the travel industry.