RedRocket Connect: A Virtual Advertising Agency

There are many pieces that have to fit together to make a company successful. RunUp Labs is lucky to have extremely amazing sponsors to help the program and of course help our companies be successful. During our 2014 program, we’ve been fortunate to partner with the unique creative and marketing ad agency, RedRocket Connect. Red Rocket Connect joined RunUp Labs’ list of sponsors before the program kicked off and has added a very valuable benefit for the participants. Not only do our participants get to be educated by very experienced advertising and marketing gurus, like Greg Henderson, but also receive a startup marketing package.

RedRocket Connect is a total virtual advertising agency. Founder and CEO, Greg Henderson, has an extensive marketing background and is a great addition to our list of mentors. Greg has worked for firms and clients coast to coast. He noticed all of them had a common complaint. Their clients felt the work cost too much, it took too long to complete and wasn’t as well executed as they anticipated. Greg wanted to address those issues head on and by being a virtual agency is fundamental to that solution. RedRocket Connect is one of the first of its kind in the advertising industry.RRConnect

Virtual companies are able to operate without necessary overhead, like office space, a benefit sometimes over 30%, according to Forbes. RedRocket Connect’s team is spread out from coast to coast, though there is a core team in Columbus, Ohio. Often times, Greg will meet clients and employees at the closest Starbucks, where he knows the coffee is always hot!

The RedRocket team limits how many clients they bring on a year to ensure they receive the attention RedRocket guarantees. They do take on several projects every month. These projects may be event management, SEO assignments, PR solutions and simple business packages, which are just a few of the services they provide.

It has been great to be working with a flexible agency like RedRocket Connect. RunUp Labs likes to think of our program being somewhat virtual- we only require our participants to be here for a total of 12 days throughout the program, though we are working with them every day. It was a pretty great fit when RedRocket Connect joined us! The RedRocket Connect team has had a lot of fun watching SailDeck, a RunUp Labs’ company, morph from a B2C to B2B. They have played a key role in articulating SailDeck’s positioning and bringing their product to life with a logo and supporting tools.SailDeck

We can all agree it’s exciting working with entrepreneurs who are turning their dream into a reality.

Be sure to check out RedRocket Connect’s work and if your company is looking for a talented agency reach out to them!