RunUp Labs Teams up with the Rackspace Startup Program!

We are pleased to announce RunUp Labs has joined the Rackspace Startup Program. This is great news for all companies who participate in our accelerator program. Rackspace was a startup themselves just a couple of years ago, so they understand the obstacles startups face. Rackspace is committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their companies and succeed.


Startups participating in RunUp Labs will receive great benefits from the Rackspace Startup Program. Each startup receives a $2,000 credit per month for 12 months towards Rackspace hosting costs. Startups will also receive discounts on MailGun, ObjectRocket, and Airbrake. Rackspace offers startups resources through the Rackspace Blog, Cloud Tools Marketplace and have the opportunity to work with industry guru, Robert Scoble, to help build their brand.

We are excited about the collaboration and all of the great benefits our startups are now able to receive. The ability for startups to get their product hosted basically for free for a year allows them to allocate that money to other important aspects of their company. This just another great perk of being accepted into RunUp Labs!

Don’t forget applications close February 28th. Apply now!