The RunUp

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs with a hunger to innovate the way we as a society discover, consume and experience travel.

What do Entrepreneurs get?

Five weeks of intense mentorship from experts
$25,000, for 5-10% equity
Resources to build and test your product
Demo day with investors

When will the program take place?

Selection in May. Program is June to July.


Bloomington, Indiana – famous for Indiana University, John Mellencamp, Hoosiers, Little 500, and Bobby Knight.

Who’s behind Runup Labs?

SproutBox, Cornerstone Information Systems, and a broad group of travel industry experts.

Who is SproutBox?

We represent a new approach to venture capital that is about more than just writing checks. We are a team of coders, marketers and business experts that work with entrepreneurs full-time in exchange for equity. Each year, SproutBox gives four hand-picked startups the team, tools, and resources needed to turn their early stage ideas into a revenue-generating reality.

Who is Cornerstone Information Systems?

Cornerstone is a travel technology partner for over 400 travel agencies serving hundreds of the Fortune 500 companies. Clients like American Express, Expedia, Morgan Stanley and Coca-Cola use Cornerstone’s business rules engine and reporting analytics suite to optimize their travel operations.