Trekkable Makes Travel Easier for People with Disabilities

Traveling can sometimes be one of the biggest hassles. Imagine if every time you did travel your hotel room wasn’t easily accessible for you. This problem happens all the time, especially for those with disabilities.

One of our companies from our inaugural class is building a Hotel Search Tool for people with disabilities called Trekkable. Trekkable incorporates an unique rating system called Trek-Rating. The Trekkable team has been working hard traveling to a couple of cities making some great connections and collecting data for Trek-Ratings for different hotels.

Trekkable will focus on San Francisco and capture 50 comprehensive ratings of hotels. Once they have completed gathering the data, these ratings will be publicly available on and any other online provider that wants to incorporate the information. Once San Francisco has been completed and shown to be a success, Trekkable will duplicate the model to other cities.

Trekkable is currently asking for your help! They have started a short Kickstarter to help fund their next trip to San Francisco, where they plan to rate over 50 properties in just 7 days. Trekkable is a necessary tool for travelers with disabilities as well as their families and friends. 30 million people in the US have a mobility impairment and take million of trips a year. Trekkable will make traveling less of a hassle for all of those involved.

Check out Trekkable’s Kickstarter page and show them some support. They are almost to their goal and have just about two weeks left! Good Luck, Trekkable!